Alexei Mateo Florida

Alexei Mateo – Florida

While he was married to a woman who was still Cuba with his kids, he started a relationship secretly in Miami with a woman. He had a child with her when his wife had no idea. When his wife got to the US, he left the second woman to be with his wife and first 2 children. That didn’t last long when he told his wife he had an affair and another child. So he went back to the second woman. Then he began to cheat on HER with a third woman. Had ANOTHER child with this woman. He even married the woman he lived with when had a 3 month old baby with the 3rd woman. All hell broke loose, everyone found out the truth, everyone left him, and now he is alone ad lonely as he should be. He abandoned his fourth child. He is a sociopath. DO NOT fall victim to this man! He goes by Alex or Alexei. He works at CBRE and used to work at Tech Data.