Alexcharm Cheaters

Alexcharm – Vancouver, Canada

I met Alex Charm[chi] on Instagram he always messaged me n would ask to hang out but I always said no. Until I bumped into him on Tinder I took that as some sort of sign n agreed to hang. We went to hot pot inside landsdowne on our first date, I felt stupid for not agreeing to hang sooner since we hit it off real well One night he knocked on my door drunk n high so I invited him in so he wouldn’t go back on the roads wasted. I told him as soon as he came in that this wasn’t an invitation for sex. We were sitting on my couch watching Archer n out of nowhere he pinned me under him and began to take my clothes off. I told him no n to stop over n over but he slapped me so hard I lost my eyesight momentarily and got a pinging headache. My body froze I was so scared that he was going to go harder to hurt me even more so I stopped my resisting.