Alexandria Youngberg Washington

Alexandria Youngberg — Seattle, Washington

This woman Alexandria Youngberg went after my husband, flirting so hard, might as well have just served herself up on a silver plater. 16 years younger than him, so some serious daddy issues there. Knowing full well that he is married, with a two year old and another baby on the way. Not an unhappy marriage, but a weak man going through his midlife crisis. Even now, after being caught, she won’t go away a give our little family a chance to work on things. She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself, she has no morals, no soul and an ugly black heart. So if you know Alex Youngberg tell her what a HomeWrecking floozy she is and then run for the hills. Chances are she’ll go after your man too. My only hope is karma gives it to her as good as she has given it to me.