Alexandria Hill Cheaters

Alexandria Hill — Tucson, Arizona

This is alyx hill, age 26. Now this soul sucking “gem” takes the cake when it comes to the term phyco. Alyx is my boyfriends ex girlfriend of 2 and 1/2 years and she is stalking me, this homewrecker has been trying to tear me and my man apart for the past 6 months and just won’t quit. Although she claims to be in a ” happy and committed relationship” that doesn’t stop her from coming into my work sh*t talking and even claiming to be my man’s #1 girl for the past 6 years (hahaha) no shit one of the times she came into my work she tried to nigociate some sort of visitation to see my man. Alyx has even resorted to breaking into his apartment stealing my alchohol, my personal lube, and all my lingerie ( witch her thieving ass will never fit into) Might I add she is pregnate with another man’s baby all the while she has been drinking and smoking and God knows what else. Poor kid never had a chance. Don’t think she could sink any lower? Alyx has been using the death of her father to guilt and minipulate the people around her into getting what she wants. What a snake! In my eyes all these factors just tell me she’s a horrible person. So to all you people out there watch out for this pathetic sad person, And to all of you that do know her good luck!