Alexandra Poupard Fortin Cheaters

Alexandra Poupard Fortin — Windsor, Canada

This is Alexandra Pourpard Fortin or she goes by Ali poupard on fb. This girl pretends to be innocent but is a drug addict and a homewrecker. She ruins relationships and is the BEST pathological liar. She ruined my friends relationship,made up so many lies, and crys wolf and also slept with another one of my friends man and gave him h***pes. DO NOT TOUCH this girl she has something permanent but for obvious reasons won’t tell you before you do the dirty with her, it’s not talking sh*t just facts. She works at the Greek Grill and manager at Halloween Alley… She got that position doing the ‘under the table job’. She’s also known to sleep with male customers who come into her work. She’s also been giving guys head the the washroom I’ve heard from multiple guys and specifics. Most of them married or not single. Everyone thinks this girl is so innocent she needs to be exposed.