Alexander Madsen Ohio

Alexander Madsen — Berea, Ohio

This young man has no qualms about destroying a marriage. Maybe he is just young and doesn’t understand how much damage and hurt he can cause to a family. Maybe someday he will learn this pain himself when he decides to marry, although it would probably be in any woman’s best interest to avoid this creep. More likely he is enjoying “sowing his oats” and bragging to his buddies about having an affair with, as he so casually puts it, a “clueless” man’s wife. If he is on your Facebook friends list, warn all your family members. Because he will seduce and sleep with your wife through FB messenger (I have numerous screens that can prove this). Then after he’s gotten what he’s wanted sexually with your wife he will try and move on to other family members you may have on your friend’s list like your niece (even more screenshots to prove this as well). I thank the owners of this website for giving me the opportunity to expose this disgusting homewrecker.