Alexa Ray Alahouzos Florida

Alexa Ray Alahouzos — Miami, Florida

Alexa Ray Alahouzos needs pro help man. She also smells like stank foxes all the time. She is also a criminal and wildlife exploiter AKA Alexaraywild on instagram where she claims to run a wildlife sanctuary in florida. She used to be an IG model but now she just a thief and downright nasty person where she goes from one person to the next using them over and over. She uses men, artists, friends, literally anyone. beware. she must have little to no money in her bank account, so her followers have to pay her rent. Instead of a55 shots, she now uses her instagram to ask for donations or post nasty things about other people, but never takes responsibility for actions shes done. Since she has no land or career, she uses people for money and property and when she doesnt have those things she is being fined by the FWC for keeping wild animals in a storage unit!!!! In 2017 she plead guilty to a fine for keeping foxes in a storage unit, at the same time she is asking for donations for the “wildlife sanctuary.” When she removed them she put them on a condo balcony to live. She is currently on criminal probation for being a wildlife criminal when she refused to allow officers to inspect where her foxes and raccoons were living. She is completely mentally unstable and needs weed to function so she wont be evil, so the donations must help with her weed since her parents also help her with rent. She stole money from me and she claimed to be running an internship but it was just taking care of animals in her apartment. She is a sketchy person bro who uses everyone she knows. She runs a very shady animal organization and please expose so no one else loses money man! She should go back to modeling???