Alex Velasquez Cheaters

Alex Velasquez – Canada

Alejandro Velasquez Gutierrez currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, and Is married to Marlen Sierra Correa. They are both Colombian. Marlen is a victim, but she doesn’t seem to accept that. Alejandro came to Canada around 2010 from Colombia. He worked for a while at New Gold based in Kamloops, and then did a Masters degree in Geology at UBC Okanagan while living in Kelowna. When he first moved to Canada he had a girlfriend named Carolina. He had been with her for a couple of years, but had been cheating on her the whole time. He told friends a story of a time when both his and her families went to Panama on a holiday. He snuck out at night from the hotel room and slept with some random woman he’d picked up at a club.