Alex Grace Dickerson Tennessee

Alex Grace Dickerson — Nashville, Tennessee

Last summer I found out my ex had cheated on me with another girl. I felt sorry for the girl so I broke up with my ex. I don’t tolerate abuse from anyone nor do I condone cheating. I befriended his sidechick and we got along. Anyways, I ended up cutting my ex off because of his childish behavior. He kept making diss songs about me, provoking me, and bullying me. His friends even threatened to hire someone to off the dark web to come track me. But that’s not all, my ex said he was with this girl the whole time and they were just on a ‘break’. How are you dating 3 girls but on a break with one? That doesn’t make logical sense. Especially in an era like tindr when women are okay with having casual sex. Why lie to women to get sex? I didn’t have a problem with Alex until she started trying to bible thump me. If she’s so Christian, holy, and sweet, why would you date a pothead/drunk who cheats on women? My ex also said racist things about me and insulted me with his friends. I was scared for my life and this chick was trying to bible thump me! What the fuk is wrong with her? No one wants her crusty ass man. All her friends and his friends send me hateful messages calling me a dirty Indian, threaten to find me, threatening to kill me, etc. They’re all rich white trust fund babies who like bullying people. According to my ex, I was jealous of her because she is white, blonde, and blue eyes. No, I was suspicious of her because I thought she was fuking my bf. Come to find out the bitch was! I want her to stop bible thumping me, talking to me, and leave me the fuk alone! She can take her crusty a55 fake Christian bf with her. If you’re not white, I suggest you not let her do your hair because apparently her friends/my ex’s friends don’t like dirty Indians and threaten to kill them then bible thump them. I don’t have a problem with white people considering my ex’s sidechick was white (we’re still friends). I don’t have a problem with pretty women, I’m pretty too, we can be pretty together. What I don’t like is bible-thumping hoes. How the fuk am I going to be jealous of a girl who dates a pill popping college drop out? Bitch, I’m a virgin. On my way to making six figures. I can always replace a d1ck. You can never replace your ugly a55 attitude, no matter how cute you think you are.