Alex Carlins Illinois

Alex Carlins – Chicago, Illinois

Wow… where to even start? He’s b1tchy like a girl but aggressive like a guy. He gets sloppy drunk and makes a huge scene, climbing on tables and breaking bottles. I watched him be carried out of SoundBar after blatantly doing pepsi out in the open. Yet… he screams at other people (who are way more responsible than him) for being too drunk just one time. He is so shallow. He says he is more down-to-earth than other club promoters… But if you sit next to him at Studio Paris, all you’ll hear is him judging every person in the crowd. I heard him call one girl an “obese retard” and another girl a “white trash whale…” If you want him to be nice to you, you have to be blonde, weigh less than 100lbs, and be hooking up with at least 3 sugar daddies. The only people he treats well are the instagram sloots that he hangs out with. Check yourself. The Chicago club scene isn’t your own personal reality show.