Alberto Hernandez Washington

Alberto Hernandez – Washington

I noticed the weird behavior early on, I should have ran! Beware ladies, he comes across as handsome and charming, but soon will be manipulating you AND any of your friends that he can. His MO is to try to control you and make you think he has people spying on you and telling him s*** about you, but he “loves” you anyway. He thinks he can con you into believing all his BS, and that flowers will make up for all his abusive behavior;lies,carrying on with any woman who gives him the slightest bit of attention, stealing,telling you what you want to hear, with absolutely no intention of doing what he says, abandoning you for days/weeks, then making up a far-fetched stories, emotionally abusive messages when drunk, snooping and looking for dirt on you,hacking into you and/or your friends facebook accounts or computers, constantly accusing you of made up s***,and lieing, fighting and humiliating you in public, not putting your name on the register of hotels, then locking you out! This guy is a complete scumbag. I believe he is trying to live a triple life, and his poor door-mat wife and kids are probably messed up beyond repair! He claims to have $$$ but will want to move in with you, He claims to be from a family in California that owns a trucking company. Ladies BEWARE! Oh, the messed up stories I could tell… I just hope he stops stalking me, my friends, and my family members, and gets some help!