Alaska Cheaters

Cheater James Mclean – Alaska

James Mclean is a sixty something year old man, who is cheating on his wife with a 30 year old mentally retarded girl. Girl in question is Shelly Malcott of Fairbanks, she was a traumatic brain injury case, and has major function issues, including seizures, mental retardation and a host of other issues mental and physical.

Alaska Gilberto Aure Perena

Gilberto Aure Perena – Alaska

Gilberto Aure Perena a sex addict with STD who loves to f*** single mother who just gave birth. Dirty old man!

Alaska Craig James Wade

Craig James Wade – Alaska

Craig James Wade cheats and lies to every woman he is with, usually 3 at the same time. He abandoned one infant son before the child was born and it took him 12 years to acknowledge another son. Yet, he maintains a relationship with his murderous son, Timothy Wade who is in prison for stabbing his wife and small children multiple times because he was cheating. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Stay away from Craig James Wade. He comes off as such a nice guy, but he’s not.

Alaska Pete Jacob

Pete Jacob – Alaska

He’s a manipulator and liar. He is a serial dater that lies to you that he isn’t on dating websites or seeing other people. He will ask you to make sure you update your social media sites privacy. He will do this so the other women he is dating won’t be able to see you. He is very good at giving you vague answers or changing the subject if you question him. While he is dating you, he will be looking for the next women. When I dated him, I figured out he was also dating and sleeping with two other women. Once he has you and the chase is over (3-4 months at the longest), he will dump you. I dated him and experienced this. By chance, I have met two other woman he dated. We got to talking and he said the same things and did the same thing to them. I have actually become friends with one of the women. One of my other friends saw him on eHarmony in June. He was on the dating website when he was telling the woman I met by chance that he screwed up with her and wanted to be a relationship with her. Thankfully, she didn’t buy his line of bull. I hate to see more women fall into his trap and be hurt.




Alaska JesSica Btesh

JesSica Btesh – Alaska

JesSica btesh cheated on a man for three months while telling him she loves him and wante to get married. She has done this to numerous Jewish men in the community. Please beware. She manages a hummus place in ditmas park.


Cheater bf with STD – Alaska

This person is a cheater and a good liar. He has STD/I be careful. He sounds nice and look clean dont be deceived.

Alaska Pike Ainsworth

Pike Ainsworth – Alaska

didn’t know he was married didn’t know i expected him to refer to me as his girlfriend when he was sleeping with me.

Alaska Dr. Gamaliel Rodriguez

Dr. Gamaliel Rodriguez – Alaska

This dentist is a married grand father that has affairs with his employees. He has had sexual relationships with 4 employees already. He even fathered a child with one of his married employees.

Alaska Shawn Pomrenke

Shawn Pomrenke – Alaska

Shawn Pomrenke from the tv show Bering Sea Gold is the worst cheater out there !!! 5 kids with 4 different women !!! He is a user and a woman abuser !!!! Was married for 11 years but cheater on his wife with the babysitter . Knocked up the babysitter but left her and is not in the child’s life . Knocked up another girl Jennie but left her at the altar after hooking up with her bridesmaid the day before the wedding !!!! Then was in a relationship with a woman for 4 years but cheated on her with his camera girl !!!! He is a horrible man !!!! He sleeps with women younger than his daughter !!!! Disgusting!!!