Alana Hurlburt

Alana Hurlburt , Boston – Massachusetts

One of the most despicable displays in Y Town. Tricks everyone into thinking shes so sweet and innocent and caring when in reality shes a selfish cheating lying manipulative tramp who has ruined so many relationships and lives and doesnt care who she hurts to get what she wants even when theres children involved. She was seeing a fisherman in 2012/2013 and said to everyone about how ANNOYING he was and she didnt even like him and then when he went overboard she had the NERVE to get on the news and cry crocodile tears like she actually gave a [email protected] when everyone knew better. Disgusting. Started dating his friend and was running around on him too! Had a baby and left him and got with another guy who had a girlfriend and kids and broke them up then ditched him to go back to her ex then left her ex to get with a pepsihead and left him cause he hit up other girls even tho she did the same thing in other relationships so I guess she dont like it when the shoe is on the other foot!!