Alan Dershowitz Massachusetts

Alan Dershowitz – Massachusetts

On the Piers Morgan television show on CNN originally aired on February 3, 2014, famous celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz announced to Piers Morgan that after Woody Allen’s former wife Mia Farrow invited him to their home 20 years ago to speak about Woody Allen’s molestation of their daughter Dylan Farrow, apparently Alan Dershowitz wrote an extortionate letter to Woody Allen, and told him “let’s resolve all of this quietly as your career will be destroyed.” Shouldn’t someone (especially a lawyer) when they discover a potential crime scene, whether it’s murder or child molestation, go to the police, child protective services, or the authorities? Or should they call or write the perpetrator of the crime and say, “let’s resolve all of this quietly?” I am so confused. Someone needs to get Alan Dershowitz locked up for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting child molestation, and at the very least, he should be disbarred by the Attorney Disciplinary Committee for covering up child sexual abuse. If you are as concerned as me please write a complaint letter to your local district attorneys office and to your local attorney bar association regarding Alan Dershowitz’s criminal and unethical conduct. An innocent child’s life was at stake there, and all Alan Dershowitz wanted to do was “cover it up” and make some money off of Woody Allen to do so. F****** degenerate.