Alan David Morales Florida

Alan David Morales – Florida

Alan David Morales is incapable of being faithful to anyone. Alan David Morales from Orlando, Florida is incapable of being faithful. Recently, it was discovered that not only was he cheating on his wife for the entirety of their marriage and dating relationship but that he was compulsively unfaithful to any woman he has ever dated. He is a sex tourist who has used sex workers all over the world without concern for their age or how they came into the industry. Without being tested for STD’s and while regularly sleeping with prostitutes in Dubai, he engaged in unprotected sex with his wife while she was pregnant and breastfeeding. He stole money from their joint accounts to fund his sexual ventures. He has admitted to regularly sleeping with prostitutes, strippers at strip clubs, and using massage parlors for happy endings without end for the past 15 years, 7 of which he was in committed relationships with two different women.