Alain Burrese Montana

Alain Burrese – Montana

Alain Burrese is a failed lawyer in Missoula, MT. He was fired from his job as an attorney. He has been sued for defamation of character and has a habit of libeling and slandering anyone he does not like. He lies about his own background. He claims to be a sniper, but he is not. He claims to be a sniper instructor, but it is also a lie. An active Green Beret states “Burrese is a compulsive liar. He signed up for the minimun 2 years in the Army to get his college paid for. When he could not find a job he signed up for another minimum 2 year stint. During that time Burrese took a sharp shooter course and when he returned home he started calling himself a sniper.”Burrese makes a habit of libeling anyone he sees as a threat or as competition to him. He is a self published author of books that no one wants to read because they are poorly written and just plain garbage. He calls himself a life coach and self defence expert. But he has no clients. He teaches at the Y but has almost no students. But he calls himself a martial arts master. He is a fake!