Al Albert Alberto Espinosa Cheaters

Al Albert Alberto Espinosa – California

Liar, serial cheater, no remorse, no concience, out for all he can get. He will be the most attentive and interested in knowing all about you guy you will find. he uses his charm to learn all about you so that he can become your “dream man” buys expensive gifts, dinners, trips, whatever it takes to get what he wants. Once the woman is hooked the accusations begin from she is cheating to she must be crazy. This is to take attention away from his own cheating as he will use as many women as he can at any time. Doesn’t want to use condoms claiming he is fixed and “clean” but has spread STD’s. Most attractive to perp are women with good jobs/careers or family wealth and material possessions that he can use or take. Brags about working for the Gov. and FAA and job takes him all over the USA. Lives in California and in Hallandale Beach, FLA. Has multiple emails and ph. numbers. Tells sad stories about his past and how he has been lied to, cheated on, ripped off, and mistreated by others to get sympathy from his victims. BAD NEWS