Ais York Georgia

Ais York – Georgia

Ais York also know as Ais Almahdi is the w**** of Atlanta. He pretends to be this decent nice guy but he is not, he is a w****, liar and full of s***. He sleeps around with the bottle girls and servers at his job at Oak Atlanta such as mikelle and other girls. Ais York has been sleeping around with numerous of women from Atlanta and on the job. When it was the league tavern he was sleeping with Paige. Even though he has a girlfriend named Dorean (Instagram mstoku) he still continues to sleep around and have unprotected sex with numerous women in Atlanta and play with them. When he gets tired of playing with the girl than he pretends to be busy even though he doesn’t do anything at work and he is constantly on his phone texting and chilling on the job. His ex Breeanna left him because he was cheating on her and sleeping with numerous women in Atlanta, he did not want to get married or committ fully to her and he can’t have kids because he’s infertile. Even though he is a senior citizen he thinks he is a 21 year old stud, he doesn’t know that his player days are over and that he is growing b**** and looks like he is 5 months pregnant. To avoid a relationship he will tell the girl that he is too busy for a relationship and he is only looking for a friendship when he is only looking to have sex with the girl and waste her time. He already is in a relationship he just plays and sleeps with little young girls in Atlanta for fun. He does not want to marry, have kids or build a future he only wants sex and that is it. He pretends that he is this manager at oak but he lives in a delapidated basement that is falling apart. The bathroom have holes in the ceiling and mold. His bed has raggedy cheap sheets and blankets on it and in the kitchen he has roches. He just pretends to be rich for instagram. He will take you on one or two dates just to get sex and then after that you will just be chilling with him in the house all the time watching movies and having sex on a dirty red couch with dried up c** from when he was having sex with the multiple of other women in Atlanta. This guys dad is a phedphile and Ais is a phedphile just like his dad. He likes young girls and he has a sex addiction problem. He moves one from one woman to another after he’s done having his fun and playing with them. This is when he will start to pretend that he is so busy and start to avoid your calls and text even though he always has his phone in his hand, he is hoping that the girl will catch on that he is trying to ghost her instead of him having the balls to tell her he doesn’t want her anymore. He needs help, he’s out here playing with women like they are toys and he doesn’t care. All you will get from this guy is some nasty food that he will cook you and some corny movies and a f*** on his red dirty coach. Ladies you have been warned of this hound dog!