Aida Milani Cheaters

Aida Milani — Calgary, Canada

this is Aida Milani aka Royal_bratt on IG. This little fat piggy is the most cheapest and trashiest hooker of Vancouver. She used to be one of W Brett Wilson’s one night stands who got kicked to the curb shortly after. Who might I add ever since has started harassing all of his girlfriends on IG making fake accounts calling them “stooopid” or “broke b1tches” or “fat” or “all u hoes get the same gift” under each of their photos. she is so pathetic and a total moron. This wanna be spends her time hooking up with as many random men on every dating site for validation and self-esteem. She is a liar and a manipulator and will do whatever is necessary to satisfy that insatiable thirst for sex and attention. In person she is just a smelly entitled drd ridden liar that lives a double life. She should focus more on her “clients” rather than being a narcissist snowflake on her phone. She is a psycho and a loser with daddy issues and should definitely undergo some psychological treatment before the state entrusts people’s lives to her any longer. She will stalk you, all over social media and has a million fake IDs. Warning to all women who cross paths with this psychopath.