Ahmet Kayretli Washington

Ahmet Kayretli – Washington-d-c, Washington

this guy Ahmet Kayretli is introducing himself as is a UFC fighter – although he was never a part of UFC! He is a gym trainer on almost a minimum wage. If you don’t believe me then look up his record, 1st he was never in the UFC, 2nd to be fair, he once had a privilege of fighting a real UFC fighter but that other individual fucked him up real bad professional and quick. Ahmet always finds someone to blame for his failures by the way. Ahmet claims to be 29 years of age but we all think best belief he’s in his late 30s-early 40s. Now let’s get back to the story – at some point he got lucky and got a couple of dates with my friend – a stunning yet very naive girl – upon meetin her he presented him self as a millionaire boxer living his best life in a billion dollar mansion but once he ended up luring her into his ”home” it turned out he was illegally living a tiny room at a local gym where he was working as a trainer (I’m reporting this to 311!). Imagine that n1gga can’t afford paying rent!