Adrienne Nicole McDermott Cheaters

Adrienne Nicole McDermott – Arizona

Adrienne Nicole McDermott now graupner married a disgrace to the army a child molester shawn graupner escaping the charges by joining a desperate army to escape charges. Along with accepting transgenders and deserters anymore the army has cause shame to themselves. Its bad enough Adrienne abandoned her two daughters to the men who raped her and beaten her and the one forcing her to be with him then beating her when she had a girl instead of a boy who by they way didn’t walk across the desert as Rachel McDermott claimed he did. Rachel like most liberals with defend woman beaters and rapist as just sick needing understanding well they don’t they need to be shot. As far as Adrienne goes she is a cowardly woman who left a man going down for a very severe back injury, and then was lied to by Adrienne and her mother which still can’t even tell truths of things. Rachels alter ego Anthony among others is none other then Rachel getting extremely upset at people defending the truths of David Rork and she can’t handle that as well. Its believed Rachel McDermott or Brian wnek posted the lies about David Rork because they would rather see Adrienne with a child molester instead of a child protecter.