ADRIANA Washington

ADRIANA – Washington

ADRIANA is will do anything to get what she wants. SHE IS A RISK, A WANNABE GANGS & A WANNABE DEALER. She will lie to put you in her own problems. So she doesn’t have to deal with it. She think she own her own business. WOW, I DON’T THINK SO BECAUSE she does Herion & She F*CK her girlfriend’s BOYFRIENDS just to get them to buy her DOPE OR BOOZES. She is a low street loser. SHE THINK she so tough, she can confront everyone. I DON’T THINK SO, she haven’t prove that yet & She to sraced. ALL she do is running & Hiding. GIRL, YOU CAN’T HIDE BUT YOU CAN RUN. Like I said ” If you Own your own business, You have to deal with everything on your own without asking anyone do a favor for u” LIE LIE LIE IS MAKE YOU SUFFER MORE. Adriiana Can’t confront anyone because she doesn’t have the heart to handle it. She only made it worse. GUYS, If you see her,. DON’T GIVE HER ANYTHINGS, DON’T TRUST HER. SHE TO GOOD AT getting what she want. DON’T HELP HER,DON’T F*CK HER,DON’T OFFER HER & LET HER SUFFER UNTIL SHE REALIZED WHAT SHE LIE about. ADRIIANA, WHERE IS YOUR GANG Mc? There no proof, Where your honest? AN ADDICTION LIES ALL THE TIME. ONCE YOU FAIL, YOU WILL realized your WORSE ENEMY . You think you know everything’s. I don’t think so. Where proof in that? COME ON SHOW US ALL THAT AND WE WILL BELIEVE.