Adriana Hughes

Adriana Hughes, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Adriana Hughes aka Adriana Juicy is often seen Traveling the world, buying expensive things and flexing jewelry, cars and designer clothes on her IG account. {redacted} She says she makes her own money from her IG career but she only has 335k followers and through analytics and such – it is widely revealed that she barely makes 10k a year from her IG account and sponsored posts. After working in the influencer industry for a while, it has now been told that she is a high class floozy for millionaires in Dubai. She whores herself out for money, designer clothes, travel, private jet rides that she posts about etc. Adriana tries to make it appear that all of this is hers but doesn’t have the career on IG to back up an income stream that can afford a private jet let alone designer clothes. Adriana is from Russia and has been a floozy since she was young. She now lives in Dubai as a slore and often sells her body for the perks of being with a millionaire.