Adrian McNeil Cheaters

Adrian McNeil – Canada

To all the ladies looking for love! This poor excuse for a man will tell you wonderful stories about being raised by his grandparents making him self out to be better stock than the average guy. This guy says all the right things and talks a good game. Tellz you how you can be his penny (stupid story) and we’ll work as a team…yada yada yawn! All lies! Watch out if you have any money he wants it! He’ll tell you he makes a ton of money but spends it all on porn sites, alcohol and vlt fantasies. If you have a good job he will quit his in less than a few months citing danger and illegalities as reasons. You dont even get a house husband at this point, sits on his flat a** telling you what you haven’t done for him. The sex is good for only a few times cuz he pretends to care about your orgasm but a few is all you get and don’t whine about it, he will cry and try to make you feel bad. He brought prostitutes to our bed and just regular skanks until I threw him out. He is also overtly sexual (verbally) with children. This is another reason he got the boot!