Adam Randall Hazel Cheaters

Adam Randall Hazel – Alabama

This is suppose to be a man of God. Yet he met women on Ashley Madison. And NOT just for sex. He told them he wanted a RELATIONSHIP with them but that he’d never leave his wife and he didnt want his wife to know. He talked so bad about his wife. Mostly about how fat and gross she is. But also about how he needed an affair to excite him Bc she didn’t excite him at all. He “deserved” an affair. He told this other woman *Casey that he was in love with her. They’d lay in bed together ALL DAY. When Casey dumped him and threatened to tell his wife about them he said he already had. Maybe he did. But did he tell the obese wife that Casey was gorgeous? Thinner? Younger? That he begged her not to leave him? That he begged her to stay with him? That he talked bad about his wife (Diane) 24/7. That the only reason he wouldn’t leave was Bc if their daughter Caroline/ not Bc he loved his wife? That he swore his wife disgusted him and he didn’t love her? Oh I doubt he told her the entire truth. What woman would stay with a hypocritical POS like Adam? Apparently a fat ugly one. Here’s a pic of Adam. And one of him with his fatass wife.