Adam McCulle New York

Adam McCulle – New York

This man is the biggest jerk EVER!!! He lives in Angola , NY. Him and I do not get along at all. He works at a residential center for children. My twin boys are there. He talks extremely negative about me , to and in front of my boys. He pulled my 1son’s hair, and threw a heavy school book at him. The other son, he grabbed him, dragged him down the hall and stairs. Pushed him into an office, and pushed him to the floor. Where he proceeded to lay on top of him, to prevent him from moving. He’s destroyed their rooms there. All because of his anger toward me. He has been reported. But will probably get his job back. Lowlife scum is what best describes him. Extremely bad tempered. People describe as nice and mean at the same time. His number is 716-410-2455. He is having difficulties in his life, but abuse is not ok. He