Adam Carl Franklin New York

Adam Carl Franklin – New York

Adam Carl Franklin is the true definition of a lying, cheating, scumbag. During our 3 year marriage, there was very little truth that he told. I married him thinking that he wanted to start a family with me, but after I finished graduate school he informed me that he was not sure that he wanted children. Lucky for me, I was smart enough to keep taking birth control. Adam would also hit me whenever we had a disagreement  about something. After striking and threatening to kill me, he would say I deserved to be treated this way because I was a b**** and a c$&t. Adam is a very selfish person. Throughout our marriage he lied about where his money was going and refused to have me manage whatever money that was coming in. He chastised me for purchasing a microwave and a vacuum cleaner, but saw nothing wrong with buying himself a brand new motorcycle. When Adam came home to ask for a divorce, I threw him out that same night and was not surprised that he ran to a woman he had previously had an affair with when she was married. He snow living with her and her two children because she is paying all of his bills. He still owes me money for the new tires I put on his truck and part of the divorce. Adam is 5′ 11″ and weighs 250lbs. He has green eyes and brown hair. He is originally from North Carolina and now resides in Lynbrook, NY. Adam loves to charm women with his southern accent and overuses the term “darlin,” to get what he wants. He will take advantage of  anyone for money. He is a regular at the Sideline bar and grill located on Duffy Avenue in Hicksville. Ladies steer clear of this one. He is extremely violent and owns several firearms.