Adam Bos Cheaters

Adam Bos – California

Bosman85, adam bos, beware this emotionally stunted boychild. Adam Bos, Hawthorne California. He has files of women he had pictures of, he was after me hard then when i finally caned and endef up falling for him, found out he had 3+ others on the side and emotionally invested at that!

I caught him red handed and pretends to care that u care but he will flip everything around to make you seem like the unstable one and will literally take what you said you’re issues are/wroth him that minute and tell you those are your issues.

He is 31 years old, works at Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, he hooks you deep but when an argument happens check his phone, lying and sneaky, won’t care who he Hurts or betrays. He hates to change his routine so if something happens to threaten his manliness then watch out for this cheater cuz he’s on the prowl.