Adam Benitez Cheaters

Adam Benitez — Arizona

This tea is spilling coming from Tucson Az I want to put my baby daddy on blast he is major slore at the age of 38 this low life stays on the eastside talking and dating all these sloots while I’m being a parent to our daughter for the past 3 years . This guy is the lowest of the low he enjoys dating sites and has nothing else to do than talk to desprite chicks who like a out of work bum like him I’m leaving this post here because I want these sad pathetic women to know that he is has a child he don’t talk about or see or take care of and if you think his Tweaker old bald head a55 is sexy… b1tch you need glasses he was sexy not no more ain’t nothing sexy about a dude who leaves a premature baby . Stay aware Adam Benitez Is a low life tweaker from El mirage to Tucson.