Adam Abeyta

Samantha Pruzak

Dumb Tramp from Mt. Vernon.

Adam Abeyta Texas

Adam Abeyta – Texas

This man will use women for his own pleasure. He wants to please himself. He had a messed up childhood like millions of other people but he still plays the victim. He has a way with words and can white lie himself into situations that destroy lives. He has children to whom he is a pathetic example to. He has no shame but shames anyone who “makes him mad”. He is a bully and has a disgustingly bloated ego. He is married to a woman who’s brain, self-esteem, beliefs, hopes, and dreams he is currently picking apart, just like he tried tout do to all the rest of us. He loves to see others suffer at his hands. He claims to know Jesus/God/Christ, but lives a twisted manipulation of faith like he is never knew who Jesus/God/Christ was. Hypocritical liar.