Ada Bianca Spicer Cheaters

Ada Bianca Spicer — Clovis, California

This w**** is quick to judge someone she doesnt even kno. She is a spineless piece of trash who is bitter because the man she cheated (MARTIN GONZALEZ) with didnt leave his family to be with her. when she was confronted on it, she denied the whole thing but as son as we hung up, there she was caliing martins phone asking him what she should tell me. This affair took place several years ago but martin recently confessed to me but it has broken up my family and what I knew as my life…this bitch was brave enuf to spread her legs yet can’t even be woman enuf to give me some answers. But THIS fucken spineless gutter w***e tells me ” LAUGHED AT ME THEN SAYS I GOTTA RESPECT HER AND HOW LUCKY I AM MARTIN STAYED WITH ME CUS IM NOTHING THAT A MAN WANTS” I’M LIKE B**** YOU KNOW ME?.. NO H**… YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT ME BUT WHAT HE TOLD YOU TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO SPREAD YOUR LEGS OUT OF PITTY. AND SINCE TO THIS DAY SHE STILL WONT BE A WOMAN AND ACCEPT WHAT SHE HAS COMMING.ALL I WANTED WAS SOME ANSWERS BUT NOW ITS ALL UP TO KHARMA AND THERES NO AVOIDING WHAT SHES BRINGING AND WHEN ITS DELIVERED….ILL BE THE LAST ONE LAUGHING. Her happily martied hubby….OOPS I WONDER IF HE KNOWS…HE WILL NOW!