Acholia Chiedza Shoniwa & Jim Carman South Africa

Acholia Chiedza Shoniwa & Jim Carman — Durban, South Africa

Another conquest of JIM CARMAN, turns out this one is the youngest of the lot, a 24 year old Zimbabwean college student in Durban that he has been involved with for almost five years and counting. She also loves the idea of being a ‘blessee’ turns out for money young women will do anything these days even unprotected sex just to pay for their upkeep. In my quest to expose not just the women but my ex boss as well I discovered she is also on his private payroll. Ladies in Durban careful of this one she may make as if she is your friend but how do you know if she isn’t involved with your husband as well. As for my ex boss he is a disgrace I wait for the day that he is exposed for the cheater he really is and that his wife crucifies him and these women!