Abusive Josh Norby Montana

Abusive Josh Norby – Montana

I heard you andJosh norby might be getting married. I just hope you know what your getting in too and also want to let you know that he has 2 children (boys) which he has never seen. He abandoned both children before they were even born. Hes abusive and hes a cheater and obsessed with pornography. He will tell you a lot of lies and manipulations. I have no feelings for him whatsoever ive been with my husband for almost 10 years.who has been a father to Joshs son and the same goes for the other woman who has his child. My only reasoning for letting you know this is so you can be very aware. And go in to this with your eyes wide open. Also if you have children be aware and watch out for molestation.Hes a disgusting human being and you will soon realize when he screws you over. Every woman hes been with has had children…he goes after woman with kids. He talks a good talk. And I hope you learn before he impregnates you to. He will tell you lots of lies about me but Josie and I know the truth. Hes a lying scum bag. I hope you get out while you can. Jenn