Abigail Becker Cooper Texas

Abigail Becker Cooper — Plano, Texas

This particular homewrecker is Abigail Becker Cooper aka Abby. She lives in the Plano/Frisco/Little Elm area and is a married mom of a small child. She is recruiter at IBM/Kenexa/whatever they are calling it these days and met my husband when she started working on his account for GM. All the information I’m sharing is true. I have maps and screen shots, and other evidence, and the rest I received from him as a confession. I’m sure there’s info I still don’t know even after months of fighting, crying, therapy, marriage classes and church. This girl has been a part of the destruction of my marriage. Based on everything that I’ve learned, there’s no doubt in my mind that this wasn’t her first affair, and definitely wont be her last. I think their relationship started off as simple office small talk last summer. He didn’t have Snapchat, but one day she suggested that he download it because its “fun”. That’s where their secret conversations started. From my understanding they first talked about work, and hip hop (I’m pretty sure that’s what she used to connect with him since he’s black), but eventually the conversations turned sexual. She would tell him stories about her sexual history and community college conquests (before getting pregnant there).

They would talk about how much they wanted each other and would send other sexting messages. They were delighted to find out that they were both going on a work trip in September to Detroit to visit GM headquarters at the same time. She arrived on a Monday, but he didn’t get there until the next day. He was so excited to be on his very first work trip and to spend extra time with her. Imagine his surprise when he checked into his room and realized his room was #3805 and she was right there in number #3806! What are the odds?! That night, they went out drinking with their team. Since they were neighbors, they head back to their rooms together. She invited him into her room, and he went. They had unprotected vaginal and oral sex TWICE that night, and again the next night. When they got back to work they couldn’t stop talking on Snapchat about how crazy and awesome it was. She told him that she knew a spot where they could go a do it again. So they started leaving work separately, and would meet up at the Lincoln Towne Square/ Tribeca apartments in Plano. I think she either used to work there or live there, or just have sex there, because she knew the exact spot that they could go to without being seen. They had sex there several times over the next few months (in his car and hers – after uninstalling the baby carseat of course), but they also had sex on the couch at her sister’s apartment and also at the Motel 6 in McKinney.

Sometimes they would just skip work and go to the pool and go to happy hour alone at Henry’s Tavern in the Shops of Legacy and also at some other pub. He said that he kept coming back for more because she would always ask to go on “Field Trips” aka their hookups at work, and she would message him things like “I want to straddle you in your office chair” and “I want you to take me right now on this desk” I’m guessing what she actually said was a lot dirtier than what he told me. He also loved how she wanted him to ejaculate in her mouth every single time. I aksed him, really? Every single time? And he said yes, every time. This affair went on until I finally saw one of the messages. Of course he lied about it but eventually confessed. I messaged her husband and family, and she actually had the nerve to call me and tell me I “had no place to tell them” Really Abby? How about you “had no place” putting your slimy vagina and whore mouth on my husband every week. She then called him crying asking him why he told me all the details and she told him “Now I can’t lie about it”. Poor Abby. Fortunately, he got a new job, but THEN this girl interviews at his new job and gets an offer, but he her called and told her not to. So she didn’t. But really, what kind of girl has an affair with someone and then tries to get a job at the same place? I am just having a hard time understanding why a wife and mother would aggressively pursue a married man and do this to another wife and mother. I didn’t know people could be so evil. I don’t know what happened to her in her childhood that would teach her that this is an ok thing to do. I imagine that she has her friends, family and husband fooled, just like my husband did, and I also imagine that she is just as much of a liar and a manipulator as he is. Some of the stuff I have been told about her by him has been so shocking, it would be smart if her husband got a STD test and paternity test on their child.