Abby Rogers Illinois

Abby Rogers — Effingham, Illinois

This particular tramp works with my husband. She started the whole thing by telling my husband all about her bad marriage and how her husband scares her. After luring him in, he started spilling our marriage problems and then it became a sexual thing. I was so stupid not to see the signs, but she is a master manipulator and told my husband they could be together because he was such a good guy. After I found out, it stopped and I tried to keep us together. Big mistake! It wasn’t long before she was back crying on his shoulder and the whole thing started again. This time when I found out, the boss where they work talked to them. She went first and made up a big story about how my husband was stalking her and she couldn’t get away. His side of the story didn’t matter, she came out looking like the victim again. Maybe they’ll both pay when they lose there families for what they did. I’m sure she’ll lie her way out of getting what she deserves again. She’s trash!