Abby Kohut Ohio

Abby Kohut — Cleveland, Ohio

This little bitch has been after my husband for a year doing everything she can to get his attention. She’s like 22 and he’s in his mid thirties. This summer I tried to reach out to her to politely ask her to leave him alone and she refuses claiming they are friends. She doesn’t realize he shows me every message and picture she sends him, we have all of each other’s passwords and share everything . She has pics of him on her Instagram she refuses to remove. We both have asked her to delete them and she gets an attitude claiming he’s important to her and she wont. I sit there and watch him tell her to leave him alone and she just doesn’t get it. Her own bf is in and out of prison for heroin so she thinks she can come after my man. Her game is befriending men and trying to lure them in. Watch out.