Aaron Weixel is a bastard douchebag Cheaters

Aaron Weixel is a bastard douchebag – California

Gots a thursday update! We asked A why doucheboy Aaron Weixel thought his own kid was a embarresment. She says its cuz nobody in his family ever had a kid when they weren’t married.

Ha Ha Ha turns out doucheboy is a illegitamate bastard hisself! His mommy & daddy got married months after he was born and we gots proof in these pics we took from the ancestry records site. What a lying bastard cuz no way he didn’t know unless his mommy & daddy lied about the date to him. So ha ha ha Aaron Weixel your a bastard out of wedlock kid too.

Doucheboy bastard Aaron Weixel is gonna have his own kid in a few months & he’s still running out on it from what we hear talking to A again. Prolly gonna be better for the kid & A says she’s loving CA again & likes being in the big city. Says the kid is gonna have a good life not having the std spreading baby abandoning fuckboy daddy around. No way is Aaron gonna help her suport the kid. Says she ain’t heard nothing from him in months since he threatened her.