A Fake and a Fraud Brendan P. Maroney

Brendan P. Maroney, A Fake and a Fraud, A Lier and a Cheater – New York

Brendan Patrick Maroney from Albany, NY is a lying snake. I moved up here from another state to marry him. He has been cheating on me with Tracie Teller, another disgusting person. They both work at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. This past weekend he had the nerve to want to bring her into our home and cook her a nice dinner since I did not leave him money. It’s disgusting, hurtful, he has ruined my life along with my two sons. We gave up so much for him. I couldn’t figure out why he would argue with me for now reason. Apparently I was busting up his flow and he wasn’t able to spend time with his girl. Due to my financial well being, he had such a good life. That all ends now. It’s even more disgusting that women, like this w**** Tracie, think it is okay to ruin lives.