437 SWIMWEAR Cheaters

437 SWIMWEAR – Toronto, Canada

After questioning this brand for a while I’ve made up my mind about these two girls. Hyla comes from money and boy can you tell. I can’t believe she had the courage to ever say something along these lines via e-mail. It just shows you what her intensions are as an individual. Not to mention there is nothing original about her brand SHE COPIES EVERYTHING FROM OTHER SWIMWEAR BRANDS. I went to school with Hyla at Queen’s University. I still don’t understand the entire “LOCAL BRAND” BS from them? All of thier stuff is made in CHINA. Yes, CHINA. Then they run around saying their stuff is made in Toronto with love. GTF out of here. These two aren’t fooling anymore. Not to mention, they also only worry about whats in it for them. I also don’t understand how they run around telling people they are women FOR WOMEN? Anyways, NIK Check out Hylas comment. I guess they have their bags packed for thier trip to MEXICO? Boujee drinks all over the world huh girls? SMFH I will make sure to spread the word. THIS BRAND IS DISGUSTING.