Deanna Michelle Brown (dob 2/10/1982) who runs around Sanford, Winter Springs and DeLand, Florida is a hot mess. The entirety of her life now consists of looking for the next party, which isn’t a party to her unless she can maneuver a man into her arms to provide large amounts of alcohol, drugs, sx in any dump, of a place, and a few bucks. A closer look at her face and body would confirm without a doubt this gal is living a hard life of drugs and random sx with way too many partners, because it definitely shows! So she cakes on the make-up and shop-lifts a too small outfit and goes out to put on her regular show of playing the damsel in distress to lure her next victim. And she has long since abandon any remorse for calling constantly for help, asking for money and having sexual encounters with your husband, father, brother or significant other and devastating their families. When you live a life avoiding any responsibility or accountability whatsoever, you cannot form and nurture a healthy relationship with any person, let alone a man, so her response is to go after unavailable men when they are vulnerable, which happen to be other women’s husbands significant others, fathers, and brothers. How she lives with herself is beyond me. This women needs a wake-up call to see the wickedness she is doing to others and how badly she is actually treating herself by living such a risky and destructive lifestyle. This women has nothing good to offer, just misery, so stay clear of her if you don’t want to be taken into the cesspool where she lives.