Please Continue to remain ALERT and AWARE of Darren Ambler. Ladies & Everyone Else- I say Every one Else because this Self-Centered Sociopath would hurt and Back-Stab anyone. Especially if it was Beneficial to himself in some way. DARREN AMBLER…aka….DARREN SCOTT AMBLER…Currently lives at 12 (Twelve) Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Darren is a Pharmacist whos last known employer was Medco- Express Scripts (CIGNA)- in Florence Township New Jersey: Darren is the worst LIAR. He would lie to God if he felt he could Con God too. DARREN AMBLER HAS probably had several serious MELTDOWNS at various times throughout his life. Keep in mind- Darren is Arrogant- Obsessive- Sex & Drug Addicted. He enjoys Porn very much. He doesn’t know what “MORALITY” or “CLASS” means. Probably one of the most Selfish Persons that ever lived. I hate to even refer to Mr. Ambler a a person.

Darren can be best described as a Predator- Evil Force that corrupts ones mind Sexually-Emotionally and Deliberately. He tries to convey that his Immorality- Disrespect- Evil- Vulgar language and Drug addiction is morally and socially acceptable. Anyone that speaks out against Darren Ambler- watch out baby! This psycho case will ridicule- slander- publicly humiliate anyone with no remorse or second thought about it. Darren Ambler should be awarded a Prize for the most Creative and Manipulating Liar that ever lived.
DARREN AMBLER is a Confirmed Sociopath with no SOUL- CONSCIENCE- NO MORALS-SCRUPLES- MANNERS- CLASS AND HE HAS A VULGAR DISGUSTING MOUTH AND HIGHLY TOXIC & FLAMMABLE BREATH. Darren breads Hate and he has done nothing but use females over the past 4-5 years as Punching Bags and to satisfy his VERY SERIOUS AND OUT OF CONTROL SEXUAL ADDICTION. Darren Ambler is also a Drug addict and he was HIGH every time he and I were together. Other Lovers verified that Darren was high all of the time especially before he forced these ladies into unspeakable vulgar sexual acts and acts of Pornography. Darren Ambler is a Pathological Liar and he has done nothing over the past 8 months but LIE and DENY his Multiple Sexual Affairs and WELL KNOWN “DOUBLE LIFE IN WHICH HE LIVES”.

Many now feel that Darren is a 41 year old Evil Entity with no feelings – no Remorse for his behavior and he is full of Corruption- Lust and Sin. It is unbelievable that Darren really Believes he is RIGHT (as far as his immoral and abusive behaviors)- and that EVERYONE else is wrong especially if you DARE Go against him or Confront him about his Cheating- Sexual Abuse- His Lies- His Sexual Infections-and the Chronic use of Drugs that Darren consumes constantly and he makes his sex slaves take the drugs also. Darren must be evil to have no CONSCIENCE-NO FEELINGS OF GUILT OR SORROW- His Lack of MORALITY-and the way he Brutally attacks former Sex Partners(Lovers) on line and through Text messages and e-mails—————————————————————————————————-
After Darren Ambler’s former wife took off Darren began engaging in a number of Multiple Sexual Liaisons with Prostitutes- Lonely Vulnerable women- and one night stands. Darren was not very discreet about his behaviors but now the WORLD knows what Darren Ambler is all about. Darren is a Internet Junkie that stalked Dating sites- Sex sites- Pornography sites and “Meet Up- Hook up Groups”. Darren Ambler began by engaging in Vulgar dirty sex with lonely women (some were married- divorced- single- never married- some were Senior Citizens) – Darren will screw anything that MOVES. He is a Con artist with not an ounce of truth-honesty or integrity and Darren Ambler as you can see is Plain “HOMELY”.
We did learn a while back that Darren’s former wife “TOOK OFF or hit the road. It is any wonder?? Who in their right mind could live with a Moody- Cruel- Sex addicted Monster that Abuses women verbally and Physically. His former wife was SMART for getting away from this Demented Liar and Freak—————————————————————————————————
Darren Ambler screwed multiple females including Prostitutes. Darren loved Prostitutes and all they have to offer him. Most sex addicts enjoy prostitutes a great deal. Darren was having SEX with more than one women at the same time and this behavior continued for months. Darren Ambler is a PIG with no Conscience or Moral Fiber and he has ZERO Personality and his breath would kill a HORSE. After months of Screwing every female (that would have him) in New Jersey and Pennsylvania- Darren Ambler learned about Megan Bentzley. Megan Bentzley ran an Prostitution Organization in Philadelphia. Darren was in SEX HEAVEN after meeting Miss Bentzley and her crew. Darren even formed a friendship with another Loser Gary Dumas. Darren Ambler must learn if you SCREW- LIE- RAPE- BEAT- CON AND CALL WOMEN FILTHY NAMES THAN YOU WILL BE EXPOSED FOR THE LYING SEX PREDATOR THAT YOU ARE: Darren’s favorite Pornography web-site is Porn- Darren used to watch it for hours prior to SEX or a Bondage session. It was evident that Darren Ambler was very jealous of the male porn stars because they had very beautiful Dong- Dongs- very adequate. As we all know -Darren has ZERO ZILCH above and Below the belt.
Darren and Megan Bentzley aka Watermute (Dominitrix)- began a volatile and abusive sexual relationship. Megan is a troubled prostitute with mental problems- drug addiction and a Police record. Megan also underwent breast augmentation surgery 2-3 times. Which is Darren Ambler’s TYPE- a Prostitute- with big boobs that takes DRUGS just like him. Darren and Megan screwed for months- got high together and Darren would actually force DRUGS on poor Megan many times. After months of abuse- beatings– threats- group Sex- Bondage- Drug sessions the couple ended their sick twisted relationship on a bad note.
Megan Bentzley did teach Darren Ambler Bondage- Group Sex- Cross Dressing- Satanic rituals and she encouraged Demented Darren to have sex with men. Darren Ambler is Obsessed with SEX and DRUGS and he must have the two or he goes insane.
Darren Ambler also serviced numerous Clients where money was exchanged for SEX. Darren Ambler is a low class- scum bag – Male Prostitute that is in desperate need of a DING DONG TRANSPLANT. The Facial reconstruction can come later. One night after getting high on weed- Crack and booze Darren Ambler argued with Megan Bentzley after she laughed at his tiny Ding Dong. The argument grew worse and Darren called Megan horrible names and began beating her. The poor girl escaped top the streets of West Phila and summoned Help. Darren is a coward- Loser that bullies women and anyone that stands in his UGLY way.——————————————————————————

Darren Ambler continued his life of open sex- multiple partners and servicing clients for monies. Some of Darren’s sex sessions were Video taped. After Darren and Megan Bentzley broke up Darren went on line and BASHED poor Megan openly making accusations that were false. Darren was angry because his Immoral Lifestyle was exposed and the scum bag could not handle it. DARREN AMBLER BEING A SOCIOPATH HAS NO FEELINGS AND IS EXTREMELY SELFISH. All Mr. Darren Ambler cares about is himself- Sex and keeping his Double life a secret. Which the SECRET was Exposed to the World Months ago. Darren Ambler feels comfortable with hookers because that is his class level. Darren would have difficulty getting women any other way because he is too UGLY- INFERIOR- and he has no Personality. Darren Ambler lives in a Fantasy world. He will NEVER admit wrong doing and refuses to take accountability for his actions. TRUE sign of a Sociopath.
Darren Ambler will go straight to HELL with Lucifer when he dies. Which is what the SCUM deserves. Darren is Evil- Corrupt- Selfish- Sex and drug addicted and UGLY- all the qualifications for HELL: Darren is so evil his insides are rotting away and the stench is being released every time he opens his UGLY Mouth. Possibly GOD is Punishing Mr. Ambler for his sexual sins- his lies and mistreatment of others. Darren Ambler is Gutter Trash and belongs with the other trash. Darren Ambler is so mentally sick and addicted he even screwed a 68 year old female. That is sick- Darren is 41 years old. How can a 41 year old perform Vulgar ex acts on an old women. Darren should be JAILED JUST FOR THAT ACT. Shows what years of addiction- ugliness and rejection will do to a Psycho. Darren Ambler can continue to deny everything but PROOF EXISTS.
IN addition to all the women Darren forced into his slimy bed- Megan Bentzley was probably abused the most. However- to date 10 women have come forward to say that Darren Ambler gave them CHYLIMIDA. Darren Ambler practiced Risky sex and gave these ladies terrible STD’s. These women want JUSTICE and are determine to get it. Spreading STD’s is a CRIMINAL Offense. I hope Four eyes knows that.
Darren Ambler is a coward wimp that abuses women and thinks he should get away with it. He is a slime bucked with not a decent bone in his UGLY body. Darren Ambler has only fooled his UGLY self. Darren screws all these ladies then bashes them and calls them names etc. ANGIE PARSONS- stated that Darren Ambler is a coward who is a terrible FAILURE in the bedroom. She said he is the worst she ever had. George Parsons agrees with Angie. George has some harsh words for UGLY Darren Ambler.
Darren abused Natalie Becerra also. Darren Ambler forced drugs on Natalie also. This was in an effort to gain control over her prior to SEX. Darren wanted SEX Slaves. ALINA- said that she could not stop laughing at Darren Ambler’s body once he stripped. She looked high and low and could not find anything that resembled a male Dingie Wingie. Darren Ambler is a low class- PIG with no morals- feelings- conscience or anything. He is Corrupt just like LUCIFER. Even Religious organizations are Publishing articles on line about Darren Ambler- IMMORALITY- SIN and Contributing to moral decline of society. Darren has become quite popular. Darren Ambler has made SEX a dirty and vulgar act. The POLICE are well aware about Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler must realize that engaging in Prostitution is a CRIME. He can be Prosecuted for Prostitution.
Exploiting women for sex/ money is also a CRIME. Darren Ambler does have kids. Darren is an incompetent daddy with no moral fiber. Darren can not teach a child anything positive. These poor kids have a daddy that is a Prostitute and Pornography and Drug addict. That is a UNFIT PARENT according to the LAW. The GAMES are over “Double Life Darren” YOU have been EXPOSED to the world baby. YOU slandered Your UGLY SELF. Our bad deeds are EXPOSED sooner or later. The names mentioned here are only a small fraction of Darren’s Sexual Partners. There is an extensive list of women the UGLY Evil freak screwed. Darren Ambler is brain damaged from drug abuse. He needs Psychiatric help followed by JAIL to do time for his crimes like Prostitution.
As long as there are TONS of Proof of Ambler’s Bad behaviors we have every legal right to publish the truth. Let LYING Darren say whatever he wants. Everyone knows he is a LIAR. We all hope Darren screws even more because in HELL there is no SEX- Just fire- evil- corruption and hatred. All the traits that Darren Ambler has now. SCREW SCREW SCREW Baby! watch that PORNO! Have more group SEX and Bondage sessions baby!
Darren Ambler also impregnated a former lover and she underwent an abortion. Darren Ambler the Coward- Cheap skate liar did not offer a cent toward the cost of the procedure. The baby is better never being born. Can you imagine having to face the fact that UGLY Drug addict – prostitute Darren Ambler is your Daddy. Also Darren is mentally deranged.
It was discovered within the past 14 days that Darren Ambler also had issues with Internet- Web site Abuse. Two articles were located and as soon as they are reviewed we can give more details. Darren Ambler has trouble with everyone not just his former Bed partners. lets pray the LAW will eventually declare Darren Incompetent and put him away in an INSTITUTION. Darren is definitely a real DANGER to Society in General. It is difficult enough to try and live a decent and clean life without having Evil-Corrupt Sex Addicts that abuse females- lie all the time- spread filthy Infections and walk around Bugged out all the time from DRUGS.

**Man that exploits and degrades the sexual act is committing Grave Sin against God. Sins of the flesh are deeply offensive to the Lord God. When a man is unrepentant of a sexual sin or sins of the flesh he is paving his way to Eternal Damnation: (Scripture Quote)-

Please for all of you Believers out there- Pray for the innocent baby that was Aborted. I agree that the baby is better off not being born having to face the fact that he or she was conceived out of lust and out sexual gratification. Darren Ambler is as much responsible for this pregnancy and termination as the other person. After hearing about this I think people hate this UGLY Predator even more.

(Clearly what Mr. Ambler is doing is treating sex like a Joke. He is using Sex in a disrespectful and Pornographic manner for fun and to feed a sick Addiction- Darren Ambler has committed Grave Sins of the Flesh numerous times will No REMORSE at ALL

It is easy to figure out where Mr. Ambler will end up after he passes into the next world. The Lord will not want to hear Ambler’s lame excuses and Convoluted thoughts. The fact that Darren Ambler is unrepentant makes his sinful acts even more severe. The Lord has no pity or empathy for those who repeatedly offend him and then have no Remorse about what they have done:) Darren better pack plenty of ICE- his BRIEF Panties and a Portable air conditioner – he will need those things where he is going:


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