Fran Ruggles Liar, Thief, Manipulator, Sociopath, Conwoman

Fran Ruggles tells people God speaks to her then attempts to swindle , manipulate and scam them out of money. Fran has numerous alias names she uses. Her former husband caught her engaged in a sex act with their dog then divorced her. Fran will try to manipulate everyone she comes into contact with. Fran frequents churches throughout Southern California looking for naive and elderly people. Fran is a dangerous sociopath.

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This scum is the most dangerous piece of trash I have ever met. She proclaims to be so religious and caring. Fran is actually a evil condescending sociopath. Fran entire life has been lying, cheating and manipulating people. Fran continues to scam, swindle and deceive her way through life. Beware of this trash,

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