Joe Limberg aka Joseph Lee Limberg – Missouri,

Joe Limberg is not to be trusted. He is married and has cheated on his wife multiple times with multiple women. Beware of this man he is a sex and porn addict and he will cheat on you and then tell you to suck it up and that you will get over it. That’s what his wife has to deal with all of the time.

Not only that, he puts her down and calls her a b***** as soon as he gets upset. He is very moody and has a very bad temper. Since he is bipolar with psychosis and manic as well, he has slept with many women without a condom not caring if he gets or gives any diseases. He has racy thoughts about sex and he doesn’t care who he sleeps with. He picks up any hooker off a dating site. He doesn’t care as long as his lust gets satisfied. His wife has had to take multiple aids test! He even cheated on her with his daughter’s mom who is also married. Beware he is not to be trusted! Also check out his criminal record on Missouri casenet and in Texas.

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