Amy Ducharme — Canada

This thing right here is so disgusting, cr*cked out goblin looking dog. She has drd legs and she’s scrawny af, she went and got horrible looking fake tits that look painful and veiny and has super tight skin around the implants, ouch.

In every picture she takes with her kids her tits are popping out like she wants her gross veiny plastic tits to outshine her kids, it’s messed right up. Also, she bashes others for “drugs” when she’s the pill popper mommy of the year, her “best friends” tell ppl that too.

She takes pictures of herself kissing her kids and her new baby and she’s a floozy that SUKS D1CK, like you’re really going to kiss those kids with that filthy c0ck mouth?? She also has more than those 3 kids apparently, but abandoned them or aborted them, what a prize! She’s always crying to everyone on social media how her lame boyfriend is leaving and cheats, b1tch you’re a FLOOZY, so how’s what he does considered cheating to you? Makes no sense, I actually feel bad for Mitch having a baby with you, a filthy slore.

You’re constantly moving your poor kids from house to house every other month because you don’t pay your rent, must not be that successful of a sloot OR just spending your money on cr*ck and pills. SMILE HONEY, oh ya, that’s right your teeth are all jacked up from being a cr*ck slore.

When people see you in person rather than your super filtered pictures, they can see your bumpy gross skin, wrinkles from all the smoking you do and your sunken in fuking drug cheeks.

Nasty sewer dwelling hoe. Stop kissing you kids with d1ck lips pig. Also, pay your rent you disgusting welfare system abusing junkie. On welfare AND selling your nasty slice. SICK.

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