Gerardo Zampaglione – Pennsylvania

Fuckboy with a history of cheating and objectifying women, pathological liar, narcissist. Gerardo is extremely skillful with people, and can go behind the back to play double game. He is super hypocritical and disgenuine, see people as tools and would say whatever it takes to get what he needs.

He cheated on a 4-year college gf with 10 people while studying abroad in Italy, coming back like nothing happened until one of the girls contacted the gf. He dated recent gf in parallel with another woman for over a month, and during the same time, went to a sex party and engaged in prostitution in India.
He can be charming on first dates (typical narcissist). He cares much about dominance and attention (again narcissist). Don’t get hooked, the package is extremely rotten inside – he has some deep issues with his character – run as fast as possible.

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