Ricardo Leonardo Curatolo – New Jersey

Talks to multiple woman at the same time via instagram and snapchat (those are the only confirmed sources) while in a committed relationship. He has a habitual pattern of cheating. He cheated on someone he was with for 7 years that he planned to marry, then on the mother of his son, who he also planned to marry. He has a way of making the main woman in his life think he would never do something like that and that he is all about her. It’s all lies! He is clever and manipulative. He uses statements like “oh my x was a very jealous person, and that is why I left,” and “thank you so much for understand how much I need my freedom and being okay with me going out with the guys” so he can cheat and convince you to be completely trusting of him and/or worried about losing the realationship for even suspecting cheating, as if he would never do that. He will break down your self-esteem after being with him long enough and devastate you if you are ever clever enough to figure him out.

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