Michael Nwaru – New Jersey

About 3 to 4 years ago I meet Michael or Mikky online. I was sweeped away by his charm. Long story short he was on dating sites the whole time we were together. I started getting messages from other women. I asked him about it and he of course denied it all. I asked to see his phone he said no!!!!!! He would not put pictures of us on his social media 🙄. He lied and used me and my family. Long story short if he doesn’t let you see his phone then he is cheating. He is a true Nigeria scammer!! In every scene of the word.

Please becareful. He will start out like no man you have ever meet and change when he stops getting money out of you. He used his x wife to get into this country and told me he was Divorced but he wasn’t. He also has a son. So sad

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