Beware of princess ratchett, so of cheater Jorge halstead – Oklahoma

She’s a nasty bully who blames innocent women when her lying , cheating , sociopath of a boyfriend preys on them . He approached me when I was walking my dogs in my condos, minding my own business, and looking too good . He knew that I’d had a rough go , that I was in an intense school program , and that I was trying to rebuild my life … I had no idea that he had a whole other relationship outside of ours . (I wasn’t even allowed to lunch with other men ). I did her a favor by catching him and accepting no less than the truth , finally . so , he had been lying to us both and we both had a huge discovery . He is a piece of crap who likely threw me under the bus to try to look more innocent. Within days , my grandmother died , my dog had cancer surgically removed , and I caught the pathological liar. I didn’t want her to be in pain and even offered to Jorge to step aside .. I never blamed her for his unbelievable deceit … but she made fun of my looks … she harrassed me when he was begging me to stay …. she wished me bad and “everything deserved in a relationship built on lies , cheating , and deceit “ He did nothing to rebuild any trust and treated me worse than ever . He didn’t even stand up for me when she bullied me . He didn’t want to engage , even though he had behind my back for years and went right back to her within weeks of begging me . she bullied me again and rubbed it in my face , as well as grilled my for “truth” that she should have gotten from her lying , cheating man . I didn’t need the crap from either of them and was not looking for anyone when I met him …. I trusted him with my heart … poured my heart and soul into it and he completely disrespected that …. and then she had the audacity to forget that I was an innocent victim in it too and bullied the crap out of me . Terrible woman

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