Nick Bell – New Jersey

Nick Bell, Nicholas Bell, Nick Bellotti, Nick Vito Bellotti. He does by many names because what else is a liar going to do. He’s a liar and a cheater. He’s the biggest asshole you will ever meet. But you won’t know he’s an asshole when you meet him because he will be prince charminng. Once he’s able to get into your pants, that’s when he shows his true colors. He will gaslight you. He will deflect things off of him and onto you, because he won’t take responsibility for cheating. He can’t be alone. First of all, he needs someone to support him, buy him food, take him out, take him places. Then he will rage at you when you least expect it. What is he doing behind your back. You won’t know until you hire a private investigator to follow him. If you search him up, he used to be a priest. He got kicked out of the priesthood for manipulating and using women.

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