Travis Noel – Missouri

Watch out for this guy! Unfortunately the caption of this tik tok (picture)is supposed to be a joke about him “coming for” the account. But anyone who knows Travis knows it very well maybe true! He likes to feel like he is really important and hott by hitting on MUCH younger woman. Including girls he gives “hitting lessons” too. He was sleeping with a 16 year old when he was 23. She ended up pregnant but it wasn’t his kid (there was a 1 in 3 chance he was the father). He also has pictures of him at Disneyworld with his kids (well 2/3 ain’t bad) but the only person he paid for on this trip was himself! His ex wife planned a trip with her children, parents and boyfriend (one of the MANY men she cheated on him with) to Disney. And Travis invited himself to go. He bought a plane ticket and showed up at Disney crashing their family vacation. He didn’t pay a pennny the entire time he was with the kids on the trip. But took tons of pictures appearing to be an amazing father. He lies about everything, literally everything. From how much he gets paid an hour ($10.48) to his nationality. He tells people he is Indian but he is Mexican descent, but he doesn’t like the stigma that goes with Mexicans so he lies. Avoid this man at all costs.

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